oil spills

Credit Wyoming Associated Press

Wyoming regulators recorded hundreds of spills by the oil and gas industry last year, but issued just a handful of fines. As Wyoming Public Radio’s Stephanie Joyce reports, that’s actually not unusual.

STEPHANIE JOYCE: ‘Genie McMullan knows when there’s been an oil spill from the production wells on her goat farm in the Big Horn Basin.

'GENIE McMULLAN: When there’s a spill there’s a sharp smell, it’s a burning smell to my senses, my nose, my eyes, my lungs.

The Natural Resources Conservation Service is offering money to help ag producers comply with an Environmental Protection Agency rule regarding oil spills.

The rule requires producers who store more than 10,000 gallons of oil on their property to have a plan drawn up by an engineer for how to prevent and contain oil spills.

Cheryl Grapes with the NRCS says getting those plans drawn up can cost thousands of dollars, which can be a burden for producers.