Devon Energy

Stephanie Joyce

Legislators had lots of questions for oil company representatives at a special seminar convened Monday to discuss the recent oil price slide. Oil prices are down more than 60 percent since June. The State of Wyoming gets roughly 20 percent of its revenue from oil, so prices have been a hot topic in the halls of the Legislature.

Devon Energy representative Aaron Ketter said his company’s best-case scenario has oil prices rising in as little as 6 months. The worst-case scenario is for 24 months. But he cautioned, rising doesn’t mean returning to previous levels. 

Buffalo High School will receive a $40,000 grant from Devon Energy. The money will go to purchase a mobile lab to offer hands-on plumbing, H-VAC and electrical experience for the school’s industrial arts program.

Principal Chad Bourgeois says the training simulators, paired with guidance from local technical professionals, will provide and edge for students. For example: a 17 year old who wants to be an electrician.