Wyoming Highways Get Cut

Laramie, Wy – The Wyoming Department of Transportation
says the federal government has cut about 29 (M) million dollars in
promised highway maintenance payments to the state this fiscal
State officials say the federal cuts are a result of
congressional spending on defense and other needs. And they say the
cuts mean the state won't be able to maintain the current quality
of Wyoming's transportation system.
Del McOmie is chief engineer at the state transportation
department. He says that the department is proud of the state's
transportation system, but he said state residents should know why
the state will be unable to maintain that level of quality.
Dave Kingham, spokesman for the state transportation department,
said Wyoming had expected to receive about 244 (M) million dollars
from the federal government in the fiscal year that runs through
this September.
But Kingham said the federal Department of Transportation has
three times reduced the amount of money it's giving the state and
now intends to pay only about 215 (M) million dollars.