Workforce services says jobs are available

May 3, 2012

    The Director of the Wyoming division of workforce services says there are jobs for graduates of the University of Wyoming, but the challenge is connecting the graduate to the job.  U-W students graduate this weekend.   Joan Evans says that in particular there are a number of  science, technology, engineering and math opportunities for graduates.

“We really want to be able to be sure that we are communicating what employers have available, specifically in those fields and others.  So that graduates will look at opportunities in Wyoming and not think , oh there isn’t anything here for me and then go out of state.  We have been trying to help specific employers attach to student groups here at the University of Wyoming and make themselves visible. ”

Evans admits that job availability is uneven throughout the state and  depends on where in the state people want to work.  In addition, Evans says the job market for high school aged workers might be a little tighter this year, so young people might have to be more aggressive when looking for summer work.  She says her office is hosting some youth jobs fairs in an effort to help.

Evans says they are also working hard to find jobs for war veterans.  She says workforce services offices across the state have people who have been trained to specifically help vets.  Evans says they have been providing job fairs and can also offer job training.  She adds that they can also help veterans get acclimated to returning to the workforce.