In Wake Of Suicide, Cheyenne Schools Hope To Change Culture

Jan 5, 2012

For the last year and a half the Cheyenne school district says it has been developing new programs to address bullying in schools.  With the suicide death of 13 year old Alexander Frye, they say it shows how important this issue is. 

Frye’s relatives blame bullying at his school for his death and school Board member Glen Garcia says the district’s plan is intended to change the culture in schools by getting bystanders involved.

“The kids kind of in the hallways witnessing it happening,” says Garcia. “Those are the ones that ultimately are going to be the key to us stopping this bullying in our school system.”

Garcia says that’s both through finding the behavior unacceptable and reporting it. Garcia is a clinical social worker and says help is available if parents suspect something is wrong with their children,and he says bullying has become more covert, thanks to social media, making the issue harder to address than it used to be.