UW President Bob Sternberg says he's available to discuss concerns

Nov 8, 2013

The President of the University of Wyoming, Bob Sternberg, says he understands that the turnover of several administrators is unsettling, but says that most of the resignations have been coincidence.  Sternberg says he was directly involved in the resignations of Provost Myron Allen and Education Dean Kay Persichitte, but other administrator resigned on their own. 

Sternberg says faculty are nervous, but they shouldn’t be. “I think they are probably concerned about the rate of change, which is probably quicker than I would have hoped for, I wouldn’t have expected so many people in so little time to step down.  You know there was a stable administration for eight years and when all of a sudden it makes people nervous.  And I understand that.”

Sternberg admits he’s troubled by all of the unease, and urges faculty to visit with him to discuss their concerns.