Teton County pursuing community health insurance

Laramie, WY – Teton County is looking into the idea of creating a community health care plan. This could be a health insurance option for anyone who lives in the county. The executive director of the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce, Tim O'Donoghue, says that's what the majority of the people who are participating in the planning process prefer.
"This is not just a health care plan that would be applicable for people employed that they would get through their employers, but everybody. So, that is one of the ideals. That would be a larger challenge than just providing insurance to employees through their employers, but that's where we're looking at the moment."
O'Donoghue says small businesses are interested in this because it could help them afford to cover employees.... while larger companies are interested because they would like to find a way to make insurance costs more stable.
He says the plan would be affected by the new federal legislation.