State Senate continues work on Hathaway requirements

Cheyenne, Wyo. – The State Senate today made an adjustment to a bill that would change the eligibility requirements for Hathaway scholarships.

Kaycee Senator John Schiffer successfully amended the bill, so that students in smaller schools would not be penalized if their district could not provide classes that would allow them to meet the Hathaway requirements.

But Gillette Senator Michael Von Flatern disagreed with the change. He says districts may currently petition the Department of Education for an exception. He says the amendment would let districts opt out of meeting Hathaway requirements.
"So if they think something else is more important and they don't go out of their way to find a foreign language, to find a calculus teacher, an algebra two teacher, they can easily write this letter, sign it, and they don't have to provide it," he said. "And that student and that school is providing a less rigorous course."

Senator Chris Rothfuss promised Von Flatern that he and Schiffer would fix the loophole. The bill will be debated for a final time on Friday.