State Pressures Exxon Mobil To Put More CO2 into Pipelines

Laramie, WY – State officials are pressuring Exxon Mobil to put more carbon dioxide into pipelines and less of it into the air.

At a hearing in Casper on Tuesday Governor Dave Freudenthal told Exxon that he believes CO2 from the Shute Creek gas plant is marketable because oil companies are searching for carbon dioxide they can use. They want to inject it into oil fields to increase production.

The director of the Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute at the University of Wyoming, Jim Steidtmann, says this negotiation between the state of Wyoming and Exxon Mobil has been going on for a long time. But it's coming to a head right now.

"I think because there's so much interest in enhanced oil recovery and CO2 now that it's putting more pressure on Exxon Mobil to figure out a way to put that in a pipeline," he said.

Exxon Mobil has askd for permission to continue venting the CO2 into the atmosphere. The Wyoming Oil and Gas Commission has put off until June the decision whether to allow that.