Stand Your Ground Bill Changed In The Senate

Feb 28, 2018

The Wyoming Senate made major changes to a bill that would allow someone to use deadly force if their life is in danger or they face the threat of bodily harm. 

The biggest change to the Stand Your Ground Bill removed immunity from prosecution and civil liability for someone who uses deadly force. Senator Drew Perkins says his amendment moves the bill closer to what other states are doing. Senator Anthony Bouchard said the Perkins amendment guts the bill. He added that people in Wyoming have gone to prison for just defending themselves.

"And that’s what this bill is for to stop the abuse by prosecutors who just want a notch on their belt."

Bouchard also warned the Senate that the amendment is opposed by national gun organizations and it could hurt Senators when they run for re-election.

"The national organizations are watching this bill and are watching how it moves forward and it’s gonna have consequences."

Perkins responded that he is trying to do the right thing regardless of the demands of special interest groups. The Senate will debate the bill a final time on Wednesday morning.