Senate Joins House In Proposing Stand Your Ground Law

Feb 25, 2018

The Wyoming Senate heard its version of a Stand Your Ground gun law and gave it initial support despite a lot of concern over a presumed innocence provision. The House is considering a similar bill.

Senator Chris Rothfuss makes a point on the Senate floor.
Credit Bob Beck

The legislation allows someone to use deadly force to protect themselves and avoid prosecution or civil liability if they claim they were acting in self-defense.  Many Senators expressed concern about that provision, but few more forcefully than Minority Floor Leader Chris Rothfuss. The Laramie Democrat proposed a scenario where two people could be arguing from across the room.
“We’re not doing anything illegal yet, but I’m going to go over there and get in their face and I’m going to escalate the situation because I get to bring a gun to a fistfight.  And the moment I get hit in the face, that’s the end of the other person. And that’s straight down the middle of the plate of this legislation.”

Majority Floor Leader Drew Perkins urged the Senate to bring amendments to try and improve the legislation. It will be debated two more times.