Record Number of Lake Trout Netted In Yellowstone

Laramie, WY – Fish experts fromYellowstone National Park say they have netted a record number of lake trout this year.

The large trout are considered an invasive species and a nuisance because they eat native cutthroat trout, which are an important food source for grizzly bears and osprey.

The National Park Service has been trying to eliminate lake trout from Yellowstone Lake since 1994, and have netted more than 268,000 in that span.

Fisheries biologist Patricia Bigelow says more than 73,000 lake trout were netted this year, 13,000 more than last year and twice the amount from 2005.

Yet despite the record haul, Bigelow says netting only seems to be slowing the species' explosive growth.

There have been signs of hope for cutthroat trout, though.

Bigelow says checks at 11 sites around Yellowstone Lake this year revealed more cutthroat in those locations since 1998.