Northwest College Outdoor Program – Powell

May 30, 2013

It’s called adventure education for a reason. You’ll immerse yourself in beautiful Yellowstone country, taking only one class at a time in NWC’s Outdoor FOCUS. You’ll learn:

  • Technical Skills — whether it’s ice climbing, scuba diving, spelunking or bicycling, your skills become an innate part of who you are when you concentrate on nothing else. Spend 14 days kayaking with us. You’ll see.
  • Leadership — live in the backcountry for two weeks and you’ll run smack into your raw leadership style and find out how well you communicate with others. Then you’ll refine that style by leading Wilderness Orientation Week and high- and low- challenge courses in NWC’s DELTA program.
  • Career Options — you love the adventure of the outdoors, but it takes more than that to make a living. At NWC, you’ll work in the field with people who are getting paid to do what they love outside. You’ll find where your passion can take you in the workforce.

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Courtesy Northwest College