Mountain Plains Heritage Park – Buffalo

May 1, 2013

The Mountain Plains Heritage Park is a unique crossroads of the history of the American West. Across this park land many different cultures have lived, traveled, and traded, each leaving a distinguished mark on the land. The park typifies the spectrum of harmonies and conflicts between cultures and nature. Today the park provides for the many interests and abilities of visitors to consider the past and enjoy the present.

Located at the foot of the Big Horn Mountains on the confluence of three high plains creeks, this land has been the common ground for many Americans:

~ Centuries of Native American cultures in a balanced relationship with the environment;

~ Early explorers under the charge of kings, presidents and individual fortune;

~ Fur trappers and traders at the Clear Creek Crossing;

~ Wagon freight and stage coach lines led by frontiersmen crossed Clear Creek to reach military forts and distant towns;

~ US Military’s troubled defense of the Bozeman Trail;

~ Cowboys driving cattle to market on the nearby Texas Trail;

~ Pioneers on their journey in seeking the prosperity of the west;

~ Townspeople and ranchers settling the Town of Buffalo;

~ The Wyoming Railroad linking the region’s cattle and sheep ranchers and pioneer families to the world;

~ The Munkres and Mathers Coal Mine extracting fuel for the Wyoming Railroad;

~ Community members reclaiming the past through the re-creation of the native habitat and a presentation of artifacts and cultural activities.

The Mountain Plains Heritage Park is located just east of Buffalo.  The park today offers excellent views, wildlife watching, exercise opportunities, historic perspectives, other outdoor experiences, and is used by the American Volkssport Association of walking trails. 

Mountain Plalins Heritage Park

PO Box 1034 ~ Buffalo, WY 82834

(307) 684-2693