Lawyer Says Inconsistent Process Hurts Accusers And Accused

Nov 3, 2017

Credit Tennessee Watson

Both private and public institutions are bound by federal law to respond to reports of sexual harassment and abuse. In the workplace, it’s Title 7. In educational settings, it’s Title 9. But this fall the U.S. Department of Education announced it plans to overhaul the guideline. In response, UW law students organized a panel of university administrators to discuss potential changes. A Laramie attorney — who has represented a student facing sexual misconduct violations — spoke out at the event. Wyoming Public Radio’s Tennessee Watson followed up with Linda Devine to hear more of her perspective.

Earlier this year UW President Nichols, charged Associate Vice President Sean Blackburn and Interim Title IX Coordinator Jim Osborn with forming a task force to expand sexual assault prevention and response efforts. According to Blackburn those efforts are ongoing and include updates to the Student Code of Conduct and procedures for misconduct hearings.