Lawmakers Anticipate Education Funding Recommendations

Nov 28, 2017

The state legislature’s Select Committee on School Finance Recalibration has spent the last several months working with a group of Denver-based education consultants to review Wyoming’s approach to education funding. They’re hoping to find ways to save money.


But Laramie Senator Chris Rothfuss said time is tight. This week he and his fellow committee members will meet in Casper for the second to last time before the 2018 Legislative Session begins in February.  


“This upcoming meeting is really trying to get reports back from our consultants on their outreach,” said Rothfuss. “They’ve had a tremendous number of meetings around the state with educators and stakeholders.”


Rothfuss said he expects the consultants will report back that when it comes to the overall education funding model, the legislature is doing it right currently.


“But the areas where I am looking forward to recommendations are in special education funding and transportation funding,” said Rothfuss. “In the past we have simply provided 100 percent reimbursement to the districts without really having any type of oversight or regulation of that funding.”


Following the presentation of the initial findings at this week’s meetings, Rothfuss said, the committee will wait for a formal written report expected from the consultants in mid-December. Then, they will make decisions about potential changes to the school funding model. That doesn't give the committee much time to draft legislation before the next meeting tentatively scheduled for the end of January.  


The committee convenes at the Wyoming Oil & Gas Conservation Commission in Casper this Wednesday through Friday. All three days will be open to the public, and comments are welcomed.