Laramie Considers E-smoking Regulations

Jul 18, 2014

The Laramie City Council is discussing whether or not it wants to regulate e-cigarettes. They have held one informational meeting so far, and are expected to decide in the coming weeks whether or not to add vaporizing and electronic cigarettes to the citywide public smoking ban or to develop a separate ordinance.

Credit Steam Vapor Co.

The city regulates where smoking can occur.  Councilwoman Vicky Henry says that the council is trying to decide if it wants to regulate electronic cigarettes and how to go about it. E-cigarettes and vaporizers produce a liquid vapor, rather than smoke.

“I don’t think anybody had any qualms about not allowing minors to buy or possess e-cigarettes, but there was a bit of controversy about where you could do the vaping.”

Spencer Pittman is the co-owner of “Steam Vapor Co.”—one of two Laramie businesses that specialize in vaporizing equipment. He thinks the council should draft a new ordinance with more flexibility.

 “There’s not quite yet a good justification for an e-cigarette ban. I think it’s potentially going to push people away from vaping, which can be a lifesaving switch” said Pittman.

The council will collect information and public comments before deciding how to proceed.