It make take several days to reopen US 26-89

Jackson, WY – Wyoming Department of Transportation officials say that a land slide that has closed U-S 26-89 24 miles southwest of Jackson has not stopped and so officials will have to wait it out in order to reopen the highway.
District Engineer John Eddins says they tried,but were unable to stop the slide and so officials will have to wait for it to stabilize naturally. Eddins says for every loader of dirt they moved out, four more loads would come down. Eddins says once the slide stabilizes it will take five or six days to reopen the road. Because of this traffic has been rerouted and vehicles weighing more that 80-thousand pounds and all trailers will be prohibited on Teton pass between six and nine in the morning and three and six in the afternoon to help daily commuters. Eddins says the issue is not about manpower, it's about geology and engineering.