Governor Testifies on Budget Proposal

Cheyenne, Wy – Members of the Joint Appropriations Committee heard details of the Governor's proposed state budget Monday. One major topic of interest concerned Governor Freudenthal's attempt to get 100 million dollars to communities feeling the impact of energy development.
Governor Dave Freudenthal contends that communities that have massive energy development going on around them are not getting enough money to pay for infrastructure needs ranging from sewer and water upgrades to streets. He wants to target some specific counties that are facing most of the impacts with some money just for them. But Representative Owen Peterson says some areas are facing impacts that are not on the Governors list. Peterson also wonders exactly how the money will be allocated. Representative Jane Warren asked if a community such as Torrington that is being impacted by the new prison would get money, and Senator Phil Nicholas contends that wealthy counties have no need for the impact assistance money.