EPA has concerns about some Pavillion wells

Denver, Co – The Environmental Protection Agency in Denver says at least four private wells in Pavillion have tested positive for what it calls "tentatively identified compounds.
Pavillion residents have expressed concerned that a nearby EnCana gas field is polluting their water. Luke Chavez is a site assessment manager with the EPA. He says in response to residents' concerns, his agency tested 39 wells in the Pavillion area -- two municipal wells and 37 private wells. The municipal wells were clean. But Chavez says between four and 11 private wells tested positive for what he calls "tentatively identified compounds." He says the wells did not contain any of the standard water contaminants like certain metals or pesticides. They did test positive for other compounds of concern to EPA.

"I was actually at one of the wells and yeah there was actually a sheen on that well, there was actually an odor to that water, fortunately he's not using that water for drinking purposes at this time."

Chavez says the wells that tested positive were in a concentrated area. He declined to release health risks or other information before the data is finalized. EPA will present these results at a public meeting in Pavillion on Tuesday. It starts at 7:30 at the town rec center.