DUI bill stalls in House committee

Cheyenne, WY – A house committee has postponed a vote on a driving under the influence bill over a disagreement about one provision. Wyoming Public Radio's Bob Beck has more

The bill is similar to a measure in the Senate that enhances the current D-U-I law. But one difference between the bills led to a disagreement among house committee members. That provision declares someone guilty of a D-U-I if they refuse to take a blood alcohol test. Law enforcement is solidly behind the idea, as is Rock Springs Democrat Joe Barbuto
"In our criminal offense statutes is there ever a time where there is probably cause to believe that someone has committed a crime, that that person can find a loophole like this to refuse providing evidence. Again there is probably cause."
Barbuto was told that the answer is no. But Cheyenne Democrat Mary Throne countered Barbuto's statement
"I can't think of a situation in any other statute where refusing to provide evidence is a crime. The burden is always on the state."
The committee will revisit the issue next week. Meanwhile, the State senate gave initial approval to its DUI Enhancement bill. For WPR, I'm Bob Beck.