Darcy B. Gardiner - Laramie WY

Feb 16, 2015

Credit Darcy Gardiner

I love Wyoming Public Radio – and I couldn’t live without it. It’s on in my house 24/7 – and at my sheep barn. It not only insures that I have the most intelligent sheep in Laramie – it also keeps those nasty predators away!

In a state with little access to balanced news and alternative programming, WPR is my window on the world – keeping me informed, not just about national or international events, but in-depth stories from the greatest minds across the globe. As well, my music collection is inspired by what I hear throughout the week – tantalizing me always by new artists and old.

I think the state-wide news is stellar – informing me about my state’s issues, especially about our environment – and how to protect it. WPR is one of the few organizations that really represents the spirit of democracy – with the mission to create an informed Wyoming citizenry – to give us the tools we need to be well-armed and enlightened about the debates, controversies and the choices we have to make – in our lives, in our country and in our state. To me, WPR is one of Wyoming’s greatest and unique resources of all – and every day I thank the talented and dedicated people who offer me a bridge from my home on the prairie - into the great wide world.