Bill To Address Supreme Court Ruling On Hill Moves Forward

Feb 24, 2014

The Wyoming Senate has given initial approval to a bill allowing the legislature to work on a solution to the Supreme Court ruling that declared the removal of duties from Superintendent Cindy Hill unconstitutional.

The attorney general is appealing the ruling, but the bill would allow a group of legislators to address the constitutional issues raised by the court.  Senator Curt Meier worried that language in the bill giving the legislative committee 90 days to find a solution could draw out the process. But Senate President Tony Ross says the goal is to move quickly.

“This does not preclude us from getting started right away.  It doesn’t at all.  So the outside parameter would be 90 days after the court ruling, but the intent of the legislation is to get going right now.”

The end result could be a special legislative session to address the issue.  The Senate will debate the bill for a second time on Monday.