Anna Miller Museum – Newcastle

Mar 7, 2014

The Anna Miller Museum puts Weston County’s history on display with numerous exhibits covering coal camps such as Cambria, western legends and early Wyoming life.

The images and descriptions above are examples of some the exhibits on display at Newcastle’s Anna Miller Museum.  The museum exhibits cover a large cross-section of Weston County’s history; from the farming, ranching, coal mining history, to the common everyday life of Weston County’s citizens.  Displays even include paleontology history.  You will be sure to find something that interests you at the Anna Miller Museum.  They are truly a unique museum in a unique setting.

In addition to the exhibits inside the main building at the Anna Miller Museum are outside attractions.  Among these outdoor exhibits are a one-room school house and two cabins – all were brought in from their original locations.  These buildings are found on the north side of the museum, while the caboose is found around the east side of the the main building.

Courtesy of the Anna Miller web site.