Academic Program Fees Get Green Light

Nov 20, 2017

Credit Wikipedia

Students at the University of Wyoming will pay higher fees for academic programs after the Board of Trustees approved the increase. The fees will go towards program supplies and materials, enhanced advising and career preparation, and are meant to offset university-wide funding reductions. 

Starting fall of 2018, students will pay a fee per credit hour for each class they take, and the cost will depend on the course. Fees range from $3 to $25 per credit hour, and students in labs or visual and performing arts classes can expect to pay higher amounts.

Associated Students of the University of Wyoming President Ben Wetzel said the majority of students that responded to a survey said they supported the increased fees.

Wetzel added the change is reflective of a trend happening at other universities.

"We’re getting away from this historical tuition flat-rate model of everybody pays and everybody uses, but you use different things, and going much more to a user-friendly model of you’re going to pay for what you actually use on campus," said Wetzel. 

Funds from an additional advising fee will be used to hire twenty full-time employees to streamline advising and career services at the university. Wetzel said they expect this to help with student success and retention. 

"Really what we’ve seen is that if students have someone that is kind of an all knowledge source in the basic amenities and support they need on campus, they’re more successful," said Wetzel. 

The new advisors must be certified and college-trained, and will go through four levels of training in financial aid and mental health resources, among other things.